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Eduard van Vliet

Eduard van Vliet is the inventor of a smart water and air purification method via plant life. The patented system gives producers the opportunity to offer various smart products that contribute to a sustainable world.

Eduard is an innovator and developer with nature as a source of inspiration for all his projects. About 30 years ago he started designing roof garden landscapes. Over the years, these designs have grown into a total concept of greenery on roofs, along facades, in gardens and even indoors. Thanks to its patented system, water and air can be purified sustainably. For example, this also makes off-the-grid living possible and brings clean fresh air to offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and living areas.

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Our Partners

smart solutions  never come alone. We  therefore believe in the  power of the words  “place”, “task” and  "valuation". Because only  together we can  sustainable goals  to achieve. So join us  and becomes a partner of  smarty.

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