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The Smartty Aqua Clean is designed to make living off-the-grid possible, for example. Where no utilities such as sewer, water, gas and electricity can be realized or where the period to realize this proves unrealistic, these products may offer a solution. So from now on there is also a smart sustainable water-purifying solution for the eco-camping or the swimming pool in the back of the garden! 

Clean water in abundance?

As most of you know, water is becoming the new oil. The value of clean water is steadily rising due to the enormous pollution caused by humans. Over the past hundred years, we have been structurally working on this process that we need to see in a smarter way. So live smarter and use smarter!

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Use water smarter

Water can cool the earth and grow crops that feed humans. Extracting water from the earth every day while you can reuse water is where opportunities lie. It is therefore also smarter to only use what is necessary. But water can also buffer heat as a kind of battery, separate from the energy that water in motion can provide. With the Aqua Clean water wall from Smartty we may be killing two birds with one stone!

Interested in a Smartty Aqua Clean for living, swimming or camping?
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Promotional film Smartty produced by students of Sint Lucas Eindhoven

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