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Who We Are

A pleasant and pleasant life can be filled in by each person in a different way. One person likes to live in the city and the other prefers an unobstructed view of the sea or a heath landscape. Smartty seeks to bring the intelligence of nature to man. This is possible thanks to the inventions of, for example, Eduard van Vliet, who knows how to translate the intelligence of nature even smarter to the built environment. Elements such as water, air and plants can contribute in many different ways.

In a 'Sublime Green Energetic Space', for example, a total approach is chosen. We are not only talking about green facades outside and green walls in the interior, but also about energy transformation of the elements water, air and light.

In a sublimely green designed space, 'sick building' effects such as dry air and noise pollution are reduced by 'living greenery'. With this 'Sublime Green Space' we are daily looking for ideas and possibilities to give people a few hours of energetic 'green' food every day.

tropische Bladeren

Sustainability plays an important role in our work. From Smartty, sustainability is not seen as a trend or hype, but as a logical development; an evolution. For us, 'Green' is the new word for sustainable.

Improving the quality of our living environment is a theme that we can tackle in a decentralized manner. And that's exactly what we do at Smartty. As the "extension" of the developers, we contribute to a better living environment and influence the outdoor and indoor "landscape". The many hundreds of square kilometers of facade of the 21st century and the many hundreds of square kilometers of roof surface now mainly cause a lot of heat stress in the cities. The ever-present functionality and energy hidden in greenery, water, air and light carry smart solutions for our planet. And Smartty can be part of this fascinating story!

Smartty's elements


There has to be a place for it to work. A place to be part of a group, in society, at work, in a family, in yourself and even in the tax structure of a company.


If there is room, the task may be defined. What is the contribution, function, addition or the necessary counter-pressure? What task is someone or something capable of? And who or what fills in that task “how”?


When "place" and "task" are clear to everyone, the appreciation usually comes naturally. Strangely enough, it often turns out to be the goal that we (sub)consciously pursued from the beginning but can only really experience it once it is achieved. It is the experience of the energy of the journey and the goal achieved in that one moment.

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