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Green and healthy living powered by plants

let's  Introduction

Environmental challenges drive us towards smarter solutions to deliver clean air, water and energy where needed. In our venture we suddenly realized:


If nature is created in an highly intelligent way … why not use this intelligence in the same way it was intended to serve planet and people?…. But then smarter ... and with a smile.  ;-)


Smart Products

Aqua clean


Living anywhere off the grid thanks to the "Smartty Aqua Clean".

Air clean


Polluted indoor air challenges optimal output in classrooms and office spaces. Smartty's "Air Clean" products offer better air quality in a smarter purely natural way.

Aqua Green Panel


De Smartty Aqua Green Panel is ontworpen om water buffering op groene daken slimmer mogelijk te maken. De grote hoeveelheid water die door extreme regenval kan ontstaan kan op deze manier slim worden opgevangen.


The I nventors


Edward van Vliet


As one of the first in his field Eduard developed concepts like "trees and ponds on roofs", "delayed drainage of rainwater" and "natural cleaning of air and water".

clean air and 

Home innovations


Natural energy

Our Qualities

Latest  News and Achievements

Our Partners

smart solutions  never come alone. We  therefore believe in the  power of the words  “place”, “task” and  "valuation". Because only  together we can  sustainable goals  to achieve. So join us  and becomes a partner of  smarty.

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